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While buying a used Chevy car is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make, some buyers have questions about their reliability. Some used cars, especially those sold by independent sellers and less-than-reputable used car lots, have a reputation for unreliability.

However, when you buy used cars from Hall Chevrolet Chesapeake, you can be guaranteed that they will be high-quality. Here are some ways to ensure that a used car is reliable.

Reliability Check Tips

The first tip to ensure that a used car is reliable is by purchasing from a reputable dealership such as Hall Chevrolet Chesapeake. All the used cars that we purchase go through a rigorous inspection so that potential buyers are aware of any issues. Here are some additional tips:

  • Research J.D. Power data: J.D. Power is an automotive company that specializes in automotive reliability data. They look at both a car’s problems in its first 90 days of ownership and long-term reliability in the Long Term Dependability Study.

  • Talk to a mechanic: If you’re concerned about your used car not lasting a long time, talk to a mechanic that specializes in the brand. Here at our Chevy service center, we have a team of professional mechanics that are happy to check over the vehicle.

  • Buy Certified Pre-Owned: Certified Pre-Owned Chevy cars are the cream of the crop of our used inventory. Every car in this program have extended warranties, come with roadside assistance, and undergoes a 172-point vehicle inspection.

Shop Our Used Inventory Today

Whether you’re shopping for a reliable used Chevy car, SUV, or pickup truck, you will be able to find it here at Hall Chevrolet Chesapeake.

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