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If you’ve mostly been cooped up at home over the last year, you probably haven’t done much driving. However, this doesn’t mean you can just forget about routine car maintenance. One of the most important services you should still have done is an oil change.  

What Does Oil Do Exactly? 

You probably know that oil is important for a car. You may not know, however, why it is so important. Without oil, your engine wouldn’t work. This is because this vital fluid lubricates the moving parts so they will function properly.

It also helps keep dirt and debris from getting into the engine, and it maintains a level temperature in the unit to prevent overheating.  

Why Does Oil Go Bad? 

Just like many components of your car, oil experiences wear and tear. Continually flowing through the engine, absorbing harmful materials, and rising in temperature causes its additives to break down over time.

Plus, it eventually becomes thick and turns into sludge. This will hurt the engine’s performance and could ultimately lead to a major repair. Even when an engine isn’t using the oil, it degrades over time and becomes less viscous. This is why routine changes are so important.

When Should Oil Be Changed? 

In terms of mileage, oil should generally be changed every 3,000 to 6,000 miles depending on your vehicle. For many drivers over the past year, this may not apply.

In that case, every six months – or at least twice a year – is more relevant and incredibly encouraged. This will help ensure your car performs well, even if you’re not using it that much.  

Hall Chevrolet Has You Covered 

If your vehicle is in need of an oil change, schedule an appointment with our Chevrolet service center. It will be in great hands with our factory-trained and certified technicians!

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